The Law Office of Arthur P. Skarmeas, LLC is licensed to provide estate planning services to residents throughout the state of Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire.

Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Just about anyone with loved ones or assets should think about creating a will. However, there are several things to consider when determining the need for an estate planning attorney and estate planning services in general. Contrary to what some may believe, the size of an estate isn’t the only important factor. People should also consider their current stage of life, possible business succession plans, as well as any potential privacy issues. This may also be a good plan for those with children, particularly in cases where blended families are involved.

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Some people choose to neglect or postpone estate planning because they don’t feel prepared to face the burning questions concerning their future passing. This process, however, is an important part of financial planning and should be seriously considered early on in life. Not only does an estate plan help people set up an asset distribution plan, but it can save their heirs a great deal of money when it comes to court costs, taxes, and a variety of other fees. With that being said, one of the greatest benefits of estate planning is that it eliminates family financial disagreements and disputes.

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